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The history of this horror game, highly popular now, starts in Canada. There lived a mere called Trevor Henderson who loved drawing pictures. He had quite a vivid imagination with a dark twist. He didn’t admire the beauty of panoramic landscapes or juicy fruit sets. Instead, he was fascinated with the world of nightmares and horrors. One day he invented a monster called siren. These eerie half-demons half-robots instantly caught the public attention. Thanks to social networks, Henderson’s creation quickly spread all over the web. And before too long that was a game in production now known as Siren Head. This amazing horror cloaking you in its alarming atmosphere and winding your nerves to the maximum with cleverly built suspense is something every fan of this genre should try! And if you haven’t played Siren Head yet, you now have a chance to fix this!

Sirens are coming for you!

Since the launch of the original version, there have been plenty of games exploiting the Siren Head concept and putting the player in various settings. One time you’ll be playing as a park ranger looking for missing tourists and discovering that they were killed by something much scarier than wolves and bears. Another time you’ll be in the role of such a tourist himself, a careless hiker stranded in the woods and looking for a path home. There are also crossovers with other popular games – like CSP, Roblox and Minecraft. These versions allow you to enjoy the gameplay of Siren Head in the vibrant cubic world or run away from sirens down the winding halls of a secret scientific complex. But regardless of what’s going on, the main idea stays the same – you are up against a mysterious and highly dangerous creature and you need to make your way out of here as soon as possible!

To do that, you have to perfectly study the behavior of sirens. Like very other monster, they have their own pattern of action and if you learn it well enough, your chances of survival will increase. For instance, sirens never attack openly. It’s a lurking kind of beast. They will start out slowly, stalking you from a distance. But they will make you aware of their presence through distinctive signs that you need to look out for. Or rather listen out to. Sirens make noises. That’s because they have a pair of speakers on their heads and they use them to emit all sorts of spooky sounds. Whenever there is a siren nearby, you’ll hear some sort of squeaking or shrieking, strange rustling and splashing. This is some kind of a mix of natural sounds and white radio noise. A combination like that should definitely alert you!

Run, hide, save your life!

Is it possible to run away from a siren? Yes, but you have to be very careful and show a great degree of self-control. When a lanky silhouette appears between the trees, your first urge is to run like hell. But don’t be in a hurry to make hasty decisions. Stay quiet and don’t make any movements that can give you away. Ability to sneak and hide is crucial for surviving. And watch your step because sirens have set traps for you! Luckily, you can distract and baffle them as well to gain some more time. Play our amazing Siren Head games, enjoy the creepy atmosphere and see if you can survive!

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