Siren Head 2

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Intense emotions are something many of us are longing for. We are tired of living in a totally predictable and safe world and want to get some thrill from imaginary adventures. And computer games like Siren Head 2 won’t leave us without an option to do so! This is a blood-chilling horror quest designed and implemented with a proper degree of creepiness. You are about to play the role of a forester looking for a missing traveler. Somebody got lost in these woods and since you are the only one who knows these paths well enough, it’s your responsibility to discover the poor man. After all, spending a night in the forest, dark and cold, all alone, can be dangerous. You can freeze to death, your leg might get stuck between the tree roots and you can fall prey to wild animals. Or something even worse… Sirens!


The overall gameplay is predictably linear and simple in the spirit of the genre, everything is as it should be. But it hardly can be called a casual adventure. The environment is created manually, so you get into some kind of a nightmare attraction, consisting of impenetrable thickets, dim lighting that doesn’t allow you to see far enough to control the situation and, of course, a terrible creature, who is closely watching you. The player himself draws an image of a monster lurking among the trees, unsuccessfully peering into the darkness. But, unfortunately, you will see your enemy only at the very last moment, deafened by the howling of approaching sirens, the sound of which literally deceives your ears, forcing you to run straight into the trap.

Yes, the monsters will be arranging inventive traps in the depth of the forest, so that even the most attentive players aren’t able to understand what is in front of them. This tricky stuff will drive you crazy until you are finally driven into a corner. You have no weapon to protect yourself, only a flashlight that illuminates your path with a shaky warm circle. But it’s clearly not enough to keep you in safety. Despite the sirens being near, you can’t abandon your quest and stop your searches. You have to explore the environment and investigate all the evidence to figure out what happened to the lost tourist. Perhaps he’s still alive and you can rescue him. Or he is already dead, ripped apart by the sirens… You will never know for sure until you pass Siren Head 2 and discover the ending of this murky adventure, no matter how terrifying it is!

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