Siren Head Simulator

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3.2 stars (10votes)

Are you a fan of horror games? Do you like to feel your heart beat faster and the blood rush into your head after another creepy moment? You’ll have plenty of them in Siren Head! Like in many other games, you will be set up against a horrible monster. But this one is quite different from classic demons and ghosts. Sirens are cruel and cunning. They don’t mind stalking and lying in wait. You won’t see them and will remain unaware of their presence until they appear out of the twilight looming in front of you like a vision from your bad dream. This sight can make you freeze in terror and render you totally helpless. And they have a radio in their head to creep you out with eerie sounds!

That’s what makes Siren Head really spooky and unique – its sound design. The monsters give out a great number of terrifying noises, from shrieks and wails that resemble the cries of wild animals to some sort of radio interferences. You can never be sure if it’s just a tree squeaking in the wind or your death approaching. And that makes you confused to the point when you don’t understand what’s going on anymore. Every time you will first hear the siren and only then see it. And that’s both good and bad. On one hand, it alerts you to the vicinity of the monster and gives you a head start to run and hide. But on the other, very often it will make you so panicky that you will simply dash like crazy deeper into the woods and right into the siren’s hands! Try to keep your fear under control if you want to survive!

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