Siren Head

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Imagine yourself walking through a dark wood. It’s night and there is not a soul around. You already regret having chosen this very path. Everything here seems ominous and disturbing. All these creepy shadows and mysterious rustling of the trees starts to scare you. Your imagination runs wild. But you still calm yourself down saying all this is only in your head. And you almost succeed in convincing yourself… when somebody appears in front of you.

A tall, skinny humanoid figure with withered skin and bones that wrap around the muscles and sagging flesh like veins, with a pair of rusty speakers oozing vile moisture, has long noticed you. In the silent forest, you can hear the eerie howling of sirens, screams and quiet speech, chilling sobs of interference, and white noise that is approaching. It is coming for you!

This is the kind of monster you will be fighting in Siren Head. Well, it can’t really be called fighting because there is nothing you can do against these terrifying claws and thirst for murder. The best thing you can hope for is run and hide! And be on your guard – sirens can be very close and you never know when they will attack. These creatures are very cunning, but you can still outsmart them if you are careful enough.

The main thing you should do when there are sirens following you is listen out. You can hear their steps and wailing from a great distance. They should clue you in on how to change your trajectory. Only a suicidal person will keep walking towards their spooky voices! Stay alert – if sirens catch your trail, they won’t leave you alone. Luckily, you can send them looking in the wrong direction and gain a few minutes of precious time. But that won’t keep them away for long, very soon they’ll be back on track. You shouldn’t stay anywhere for too long because it can be fatal for you!

Will you manage to get out of this place before ending up in the most horrible and painful way? It all depends on your attentiveness and ingenuity. The game won’t let you relax even for a second. Right from the start to the very finish, your nerves will be strung like a cord. The atmosphere is really creepy and, after playing for some time, you will start twitching at every sound coming from your speakers. A great choice for those who want to add some adrenaline to their life! Enjoy the thrilling emotions, get scared thoroughly and see if you can come out alive of this supernatural encounter!

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