Siren Head SCP

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Deep underground, there is a secret organization called SCP. For the outside world, it’s just a scientific lab. But behind the closed doors, dangerous experiments are held. The best minds of the planet have gathered here to research paranormal activity and supernatural creatures. All of them are locked securely in their cages. The company uses the most advanced protection system to make sure these beings don’t get out of SCP. But even the best software sometimes fails. That’s what happened in this game! There was a containment breach and now all the monsters are free! They are walking out into the building and looking for an exit to freedom. One of the most furious and fatal creatures that are not on the loose are sirens. Playing as an SCP worker, you have to run away from them as they crawl through the unprotected laboratory looking to take their revenge!

Saving your life won’t be easy. Sirens are experts in camouflage, they can sneak up on you totally unseen. And only the chill running down your spine will clue you in on what is going on. If you don’t want to fall prey to these merciless monsters, you need to get out of this building and fast! Unfortunately, the underground complex is too big and you don’t remember its exact map. So you basically don’t know where the exit is! Besides, some of the doors closed after the activation of alert protocols and you need to come up with a way to open them. For that, you have to search the rooms and halls looking into every nook and cranny. And of course staying away from sirens!

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