Siren Head Minecraft

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It’s hard to perceive anything that happens in Minecraft seriously. All because of the caricature pixel graphics. Really, who can get scared of a clumsy square-headed zombie that looks like a Lego toy? However, that doesn’t make Minecraft-style horrors any less popular. On one hand, if you are an impressionable person, playing horror games in this cartoonish cubic environment may ease the psychological pressure compared to realistic 3D adventures that can creep out even experienced gamers. And on the other hand, sometimes our favorite horror characters look even uglier and spookier when they are turned into a pile of nightmarish pixels! Finally, some people simply love Minecraft and won’t miss an opportunity to check out another great franchise ported into this blocky world. Regardless of your motivation, you will definitely enjoy playing Siren Head Minecraft together with our old friend, a rectangular guy with a pickaxe!

What brought him into these murky woods? Probably he came here for resources. Perhaps there is some rare kind of trees goring here. This remains unknown. Now he needs to get out as soon as he can! Because there is a terrible monster after him the likes of which he never encountered before. This ghastly creature is some kind of demon that howls in the night sending shivers down your cubic spine. The worst thing is that it remains out of sight, so you don’t even know what you are up against.

And as you roam the forest looking for a path that will bring you back home, you get more and more agitated by this fleeting presence. You don’t know for how more long this monster is going to secretly follow you until it decides that it’s the right moment to strike. You also don’t know if you are capable of fighting it. And even worse, the beast seems to be rather intelligent because it has set traps for lost wanderers like you all over the woods! You have to be very careful not to end up in one of them. Can you survive in this nightmare that came to life? Will you save yourself from this horrifying creature and get back to your pixel hut safe and sound? Or will your pixel body remain lying in this forest forever? Play Siren Head Minecraft and find out!

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