Siren Head Garry’s Mod

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There are all kinds of spooky monsters out there. Some of them are huge and aggressive, they rush at you the moment they see you and crush you with their pure size and power. Others live in haunted houses and have no concern about the outer world until someone breaks their privacy and awakes their anger. And there are those that like to play with their victims, lurking in the shadows, waiting, driving you crazy with their evasive lingering. This is what sirens like. If you caught the attention of a siren, beware because this horrible creature won’t leave you alone that easily! You can’t feel safe until you are very far away from it…

In this game you have to escape from the creepy humanoid creatures that live in the woods. Fortunately, they don’t leave the forest, so for salvation it is enough to get out of the thicket where evil fate has led you. Once you’re out in the open, sirens won’t follow you and you’ll be in safety. But this isn’t so easy to do, because the monsters haven’t chosen this place in vain. Unlike them, you are clueless as to your location and can’t see in the dark. Although you have a flashlight, it only illuminates a narrow space in front of you. And there, beyond a circle of warm light, there may be a siren lurking, preparing for an attack.

But let’s not hesitate, because every minute spent in this forest brings your death closer! You don’t know how many sirens are already following you. Perhaps only one, and then you still have a chance to survive. But if you attract several at once, it will be difficult to get away from them. So don’t show your presence, move quietly and carefully. Don’t make harsh movements or a lot of noise. If you hear that sirens are approaching you – hide and sit quietly like a mouse. Perhaps it will work and they will pass by. But if at such a moment you give in to panic and start running desperately, it won’t be difficult for them to figure out where you are and arrange a clever trap for you! Enjoy this mix of Siren Head and Garry’s Mod and try to escape from the enchanted forest!

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