Siren Head Horror

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What do you think of when you hear about sirens? Most likely, you recollect old Greek legends about gorgeous women sitting on the cliffs and filling everything around them with heavenly singing. But this beauty is misleading. Many sea travelers ended their lives attracted by the sweet voices of sirens. These evil creatures were luring them to the rocks and wrecking their ships. Then they would dive into the sea and finish off the drowning sailors. Well, sirens from myths look nothing like sirens from this game although they are equally wicked!

These sirens don’t look human at all. It is unclear whether they are living beings in general. The monsters from Siren Head are some creepy mix of warm flesh and cold technologies. Their arms are braided with wires that run up to their heads, where rusty speakers can be seen. It is from them that the eerie sounds filling the woods come from. With the help of these devices, sirens create radio interferences that muffles any signal in the vicinity and cut off those unfortunate people who strayed into their territory from the outside world. You can endlessly wander through the forest where sirens live, and the GPS on your phone will not work. And since no one carries a compass anymore, it’s safe to say that you are now lost. But sirens know this forest like their five spooky crooked fingers. It won’t be difficult for them to find you among the trees and twisted paths along which you can roam for hours in search of a way out …

Actually, this is your task – to get out of the location safe and sound. Although you have no idea where you are or where to go next, the clues scattered around will help you. You just have to be attentive and scrutinize everything you notice. There is little to see in the fog and darkness, but you have a flashlight with you that you can use if you want to take a better look at something. With its help, you will find all the necessary hints. Of course, sometimes it isn’t so easy to notice them. This requires the ability to mark and analyze small details. It’s hard to concentrate, though, when sirens are on your heels! Indeed, in addition to the mini-investigation that you are conducting, you also need to stay alert and watch everything that happens around to be capable of running away or at least hiding in case of danger. So far, sirens are only playing with you, but very soon they will get close enough… Test the strength of your nerves and skills of behaving in extreme situations playing Siren Head!

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